You know that dream that children have when they discover the ability to make videos?

Well, that’s how we started, and we never grew up.

We create and publish videos, skits and projects which hopefully entertain you, occasionally inform you and at the very least make you smile. We have the pleasure of building teams who gain fun and useful video experience with the creative wealth we have garnered during our existence.

We do things differently. We do information differently. We act, we sing, we dance and with the internet, it gives us an even bigger reason to give people a front stage view of our world.

We started. Filming home videos, skirmishes on VHS-C. No editing and simply under 'APC'
The start of digital editing for us. Albeit with rather low quality video
APC TV went online via APC TW in our first studio and broadcasted weekly online in the evening
APC TV Productions appears as we moved from VHS-C to digital DVD Widescreen platforms
APC TV formally established, switching to a completely digital workflow. Produces two documentaries
APC TV Productions appears as we moved from VHS-C to digital DVD Widescreen platforms

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl

Emma in Much Fuss Trailer

Now let me tell you how it really went down

Will in Much Fuss

Perhaps he can give us a push in the right direction

Jenny in Scripted.
APC TV Productions

What do we produce and why?

APC TV Productions is the production and main arm of APC TV. We produce low to no budget productions with a team of creative, technical and diverse people over each production.

In the past, we’ve created short stories, variety shows, documentaries and spoofs. We always try something different at every turn – the thought we had when we turned an education presentation into a movie trailer.

We have been around for a while now as APC TV’s production name, but as part of APC TV we became formally established in 2010. After this point, we used professional facilities and equipment in order to achieve the means to our end, investing in equipment in order to create exciting content with our name on it.

A year later, we upgraded our own equipment and facilities in order to produce our first HD full short-film. We continue to aim at making rounded productions with the best of dedicated creatives. And the best bit? You can be part of it.

Our Co-Directors

Adrian Polglase


Conor Carroll


Dominic May