What is this drama series all about?

‘A Year Of’ was a series focusing on one different character per episode. Each episode will be about a particular theme, such as Love, Loss, Afflictions. The episodes saw the character dealing with her/his particular theme throughout the course of a year with each scene switching between months.

Three episodes were planned for the project.

What is happening with the series now?

The series had to be halted in the middle of production in 2014. Three scripts were prepared and filming for two projects had been started. All three episodes were also casted.

However, the core APC TV Production team had to place the project on ice due to unforeseen commitments. This mini-site has been formed to act as an archive for the project, although talks are ongoing to work out whether to revive this project in a different form or to create something similar in the future.


For the writers

An Episodic Drama

We want these episodes to be full of drama. You can add humour, it could almost be silent, it could be dictated purely by the music track. The whole idea of the drama is to follow one character around. The only things we dictate, is it has to be about the age range of 18-25 and be a realist drama. Asides from that, you get to write who she or he is. You get to write what they’re doing and what will happen. The only thing we want to enforce is that you pass an entire year of their lives where something happens. Jumping from month to month – you can skip months out of course. We’re okay with that.


For the producers

APC TV lives because of dedicated people working as part of its production team. We’re not always looking for experience – we are always looking for will power. Over the years we have always had a diverse and exciting production environment for each piece of video we have created. And because of our diverse crew, we always want you to become part of this excitement.

Production team members who have worked on this project

  • Najeeb Arshad
  • Imogen Atkinson
  • Conor Carroll
  • Wai Wan Choy
  • Megan Fellows
  • Adrian Polglase
  • Maggie Schroder


For the actors

Want to act in our new drama series? In the past, APC TV has offered its performers unique opportunities to step outside of their safety-zone, allowing them to dabble in not only acting, but singing and dancing as well. Just see some of the images on this page for a taster of how we have worked with our casts. We’re a creative bunch don’t you know.

Actors and actresses who have been part of this project

  • Maria Allen
  • Isabelle Anderson
  • Dominic Blight
  • Sean O’Flaherty
  • Gracie Laing
  • James McInnes
  • Alex Rand



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