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You know the thing that parents say? That relationships get in the way of your career?

So David and Matt are two aspiring writers who get together to write their very own film for a festival and cast two actresses for the piece.

But when David and Matt work with Jenny and Kat, the two talented actresses, they all become very close and with a deadline for a film festival approaching, writing from the heart begins to get a new meaning for our two writers.

How did it start?

It’s 2011 – Ben Carlin and Adrian Polglase created an idea – to do a live play mixing live theatre and recorded projection with crossovers and exploitation of music technology in between. Plot ideas were discussed but they ultimately concluded that they couldn’t finance the live piece of theatre. However, the idea was kept alive and after a discussion with Dominic May, APC TV commissioned the idea as a short film.

From March 2011, the script was re-written for film with Adrian and Dom looking for a team and cast for what was the biggest project that APC TV had undertaken since its inception.

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Kiryn Howard


played by Kiryn Howard

Kiryn is a seasoned dramatist. An alumni of the University of Bristol, Kiryn has performed in numerous live performances in the past, including a foreign language German play.

Kiryn plays Jenny who is casted with her friend Kat by David and Matt. As an aspiring actress, she catches the eye of a major casting director who may be able to give her the chance she has wanted for so long.

Nicola Wilkes


played by Nicola Wilkes

Nicky is no stranger to drama. An alumni of both the University of Exeter and National Youth she was recently involved in Gilbert and Sullivan performances.

Nicky plays Kat, one of the casted actresses who is already a good friend of Jenny. Working with David and Matt she gets caught in the headlights, captured by bigger ideas and bigger stage lights and comes to question the things that simply don't add up.

William Bryant


played by William Bryant

Will is a graduate of ALRA and a Playrite theatre veteran. Musical theatre, straight theatre and filmed theatre. Performing in more numbers than you could count, he has gathered a wealth of experience and emotion right under his belt.

Will plays James, a rather sneaky casting director who is both trying to exploit David and Matt's script and Jenny and Kat's hearts.

Jack Callow


played by Jack Callow

Jack is a Playrite veteran, having been heavily involved in both drama and music through his life. Musical theatre, of course, is then something which comes natural.

Jack plays Matt, an aspiring writer and friend of David's, who struggles to come up with an idea to beat his writers block and the deadline before a festival.

Adrian Polglase


played by Adrian Polglase

Adrian is a seasoned actor and graduate of Queen Mary, University of London. Having performed in the Edinburgh Fringe and on London stages, he feels at home in the performance sphere. He is also a co-director of APC TV and has recently held positions at the BBC.

Adrian plays David, Matt's co-writer and acts as the calming and sensible shade to Matt's dynamic nature, but don't be fooled as David finds this front challenged when things don't go quite as scripted.

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Dominic May

Dom is an essential co-ordinator of the team. An alumni of the University of Bristol and as part of the main APC TV Productions team, he co-ordinates a lot of the technical stuff. He also chips in with the odd joke and is one of the APC TV's co-directors and thus has featured in many previous productions.


Emma Bingham

Scripted. is Emma's first project with APC TV. An alumni of Truro College HE, she is vital movement and dance choreographer. She worked closely with the cast to keep them on their toes on the line.


Lucy Ackerman

Scripted. is Lucy's first project with APC TV although held a lead acting role for an APC TV project which wasn’t carried through in 2009. An alumni of the University of West England, Lucy is the main director of the film, having also managed dress and make-up.


James Arnold

James is an executive producer for Scripted. An alumni of the University of Plymouth, James is part of the main APC TV Productions team and has been helping us create many cracking bits of film for a fair few years. He is also a co-director of the overarching APC T.


Richard Rapier

Richard has worked with some of the people from APC TV before, but not on such a grand scale. An alumni of Swansea University, Richard was part of the main production team and headed a part of the filming schedule.


Kerry Polglase

Kerry has been a big part of APC TV's musical sister, APC TR. She is a solo performer as well as the head vocal teacher of Truro College and has composed some of APC TR's best work. For this project, Kerry was in charge of the music direction for Scripted. as part of APC TR so there's always something to tickle your eardrums.


Roland Bray

Roland is the promotional photographer for Scripted. He took all the behind the scenes shots and promotional stills used for the film. Roland is an alumni of the University Campus in Tremough, Cornwall.


The Flaming Protagonists

The Flaming Protagonists are a band consisting of AJ Jenks (Lead Guitar), Jack Callow (Piano), Calum Clark (Bass) and Adam Shore (Drums). They performed some of the music written for Scripted. and also, as individuals, were part of the on location production team.

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Scripted. Behind the Lines

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Scripted. contained a few musical original numbers from APC TV’s musical sister at APC TR.

On the right is the main soundtrack song for the short film. This soundtrack is sung by the four of the cast members, Jack Callow, Kiryn Howard, Adrian Polglase and Nicola Wilkes.

The song was written by Kerry Polglase. It was produced and recorded by APC TR Productions.

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