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Ben is hopeless with romance. Sam is smooth. Katie is rather unrefined. Emma is knowing. Will is just a jack the lad who helps Emma and Sam with stuff behind the scenes whilst getting off with all the surrounding ladies. As you may guess, it is time for a little love in this world.

Based loosely on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Much Fuss is a short tongue and cheek comedy involving a fair amount of hate banter which is eventually turned into romantic sparks where everybody gets together at the end in an old cheesy rom-com, feel-good sort of fashion.

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the cast & characters

Conor Carroll


played by Conor Carroll

Sam is Ben's closest friend, although annoyed at him and Katie for acting the way they do to each other. He is smooth, geeky and tries to encourage Ben as well as guide him to try and seduce Katie (whilst convincing him she actually likes him). However by hatching a plan with Emma, he may find himself in hot water as well.

Conor is a graduate of both Queen Mary and Royal Central School - both colleges of the University of London. He is now a professional writer and has put on numerous theatre shows throughout the UK's capital. He is also a co-director of APC TV.

Megan Fellows


played by Megan Fellows

Emma is a close friend of Katie and a teammate of Sam with a common cause. Witty and smart, she has incredible comic reactions to what’s surrounding her yet determined never to give up with what initially looks like a lost cause. She is there every step of the way with Sam as they eventually bring Ben and Katie together whilst unintentionally finding something between her and Sam.

Megan is both a graduate of University of London colleges Queen Mary and Royal Central School. She is a seasoned writer alongside a performer, having previous been heavily involved with QMTC throughout her university days.

Mike Pickering


played by Mike Pickering

Will is the ultimate ‘man in a van’ without the van. He is the jack the lad ‘ladies man’ and has a very different take on the world. He is the most comic character of them all, being very chirpy, very innovative and very... different. His determination perhaps bests Emma and Sam's intellect although it perhaps isn't what he expected at the time.

Mike is a graduate of Queen Mary, University of London. Having been an active member of QMTC throughout his time at university, he is a seasoned performer, having appeared on both London stages and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Adrian Polglase


played by Adrian Polglase

Ben is a student who is relatively intelligent, however has somehow developed some sort of grudge against Katie over the years. He is rather useless when it comes to romance and to simply picking up girls, but his fortunes may change when Emma and Sam hatch a plan.

Adrian is a seasoned actor and graduate of Queen Mary, University of London. Having performed in the Edinburgh Fringe and on London stages, he feels at home in the performance sphere. He is also a co-director of APC TV and has recently held positions at the BBC.

Izzi Richardson


played by Izzi Richardson

Katie is a hard-headed character who shares the grudge against Ben. However, unlike Ben, she seems to always be looking for something, which makes her prone to foolish decisions, which she only later thinks through, as well as falling for certain moments which is key to how Ben eventually wins her over – albeit with a lot of help from their friends.

Izzi is a seasoned performer throughout her school and time at higher education. Having been a freelance producer on the theatre scene since graduating from QMUL, she is a seasoned individual in the world of drama.

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the team


  • Enyi Okoronkwo

Technical Operators & Cameramen

  • Wai Wan Choy
  • Maggie Schroder
  • Henry Simpson-Gray

Technical Managers

  • Wai Wan Choy
  • Maggie Schroder

Producers & Executive Producers

  • James Arnold
  • Conor Carroll
  • Dominic May
  • Enyi Okoronkwo
  • Adrian Polglase


  • Conor Carroll
  • Adrian Polglase


  • Bexii Hammond

Runner for Trailer Short

  • Ali Sondreal

Dancers & Supporting Artists

  • Zoe Aamir
  • Jessica Barr
  • Zoe Frost
  • Bexii Hammond
  • Ruth Murray
  • Maggie Schroder
  • Josh Youngerman

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will’s countdown video blog

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Much Fuss contained a few musical original numbers from APC TV’s musical sister at APC TR.

On the right is the main soundtrack song for the short film. This soundtrack is sung and written by Ben Carlin.

This soundtrack version was arranged, produced and recorded by Ben Carlin. Modified and arranged for the film by Adrian Polglase with APC TR Productions.

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