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Much Fuss is Released!

By News

Our new short film, Much Fuss is a romcom with a loose affiliation with the Bard’s Much Ado. With tricks and capers and two people brought from hate to love, it’s a film full of laughs and tears. The film is currently going through a recut, but all of the other video goodness from the feature can be found on it’s mini site, complete with its trailers. Our personal favourite is the main trailer, which is a mini film in itself. Give it a gander as it is now freely available to watch online.

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Scripted is now under internal release

By News, Scripted

Scripted is now under internal release as arrangements are being organised to release the film publically through APC TV Films. ‘Scripted.’ is a light hearted drama about two writers falling for their actresses and having to decide between ambitions and relationships. More information on the film can be found on its own feature site at

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